AviRings GPS Pigeon Ring

Follow your pigeon!
World's Lightest GPS Pigeon Ring.

World's Lightest GPS Pigeon Ring

With low weight and an aerodynamic shape, AviRings won't hinder your pigeons on their flights – and on their way to win big races.

Track & Analyze Your Pigeons’ Flights

High-quality GPS transmitter enables tracking your pigeons’ route and later analyzing it on your smartphone or tablet using a Bluetooth® connection

Find Leading Pigeons in Your Flock

Observe the route, height, speed and the way pigeons overcome natural obstacles in popular mapping tools such as Google Maps/Earth to find leading members of your flock – and potential champions for biggest competitions!

Protect Your Pigeons

The special red color of AviRings distracts birds of prey and helps your pigeons stay safe.

Battery That Won’t Leave You or Your Pigeons Down

Produced to the highest German standards, AviRings’ battery enables recording the details of flights for over 10 hours.

Comfort, Reliability & Universal Fit

AviRings is easy to install & remove for your pigeons’ comfort (and yours). Its precise locking mechanism will prevent in-flight loss of the ring.

"I’m very excited about the technology that enables us to track a pigeon’s flight and I believe that the global community will be just as excited. This device could benefit us greatly for scientific purposes"

B. Podjed

Chairman of the Association of Sports Homing Pigeons Breeders Clubs Slovenia


A team of two dedicated experts: one with 25+ years of experience with breeding and racing pigeons (three-time National Champion & multiple-time finalist of the South African Million Dollar Race and other one loft races), the other with an astonishing track record of animal-related innovations and successful start-up businesses.

Together, they are determined to change the world of pigeon racing with this revolutionary GPS pigeon tracker.         


AviRings is in the last stage of development and has already been presented to select pigeon racers from Belgium, Hungary, Serbia and Slovenia. They are very excited to start using AviRings to:

Track flight paths of their pigeons and protect them from birds of prey

Understand the movement of flocks and find their leading members

Track flight paths of their pigeons and protect them from birds of prey

Order AviRings GPS Pigeon Rings now to receive it for the 2022 racing season

Don’t miss the opportunity to get a unique insight into your flock’s movement and improve your competition performance.

590,00 EUR

What’s Inside Our AviRings Package?

Data reader & charging station

5 GPS tracking rings

5 training rings

USB charger


We are so confident about our product that you can return it for a full refund in 30 days after the purchase if you are not satisfied. Please check Terms & Conditions on our website for detailed information.

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